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Yamaha Banshee 350 Kit includes
RH and LH head body, 2 domes, 1 o-ring kit
1 pre-cooler manifold, 1 hose T assembly
10 acorn nuts, 10 copper washers

Order your kit from parts listed below

Right and Left Head body
Pre-cooler manifold
Hose T assembly
2 domes (your choice see note)
OS17 o-ring kit

Dome selection
B21   22.0cc
B22   21.0cc
B23   20.1cc
B24   19.2cc
B25   18.3cc

Dome selection for 4mm stroker crank
BS21   22.0cc
BS22   21.0cc
BS23   20.1cc
BS24   19.2cc
BS25   18.3cc

Heads colors are red, blue, black gold and aluminum
This head uses o-rings in place of the stock metal gasket
B21 is closest to stock compression
BS2 domes will work with 4mm stroker cranks using stock Banshee pistons
Banshee domes have a max bore diameter of 66.5mm
Dome modification for big bore available see FAQ




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